4th of July Cupcakes

My mom and I had a 4th of July cupcake contest last month for Independence Day.  These were my cupcakes.  I layered red, white, and blue cake batter so when you bit into it you could see the three layered colors.  Then I put white frosting and a little star sugar cookie on top.  My dad, brother, and various friends of the family judged.  Of course they couldn’t judge honestly so we ended up tying. I think this is going to become a tradition.


Birthday Cookies


These are the best cookies ever! I make them for all my friends on their birthday and I’m sorta.. kind of… known for these amazing cookies.  It’s two funfetti cake mix cookies with a whole lot of frosting in the in middle. Then some sprinkles around the edges.  They’re oh so fattening but they’re completely worth it.