So many candles, so little cake Birthday Card


I absolutely love the sentiment.


Make A Big Wish Card


This is a 3×3 birthday card.  I love these colors and paper.  I also made a bookmark with the same pattern paper that I posted earlier.

You are my Sunshine Card


This is a card inspired by a card by Kristina Werner.  If you haven’t heard of her, check her out. She’s amazing and makes tons of cards which supplies me with tons of inspiration for my card making.

Wedding/Anniversary Card

This is a little wedding/anniversary card.  I have no idea who I’m going to give it to considering no one’s getting married anytime soon.  I was inspired by my bedspread, actually, so I hand cut each of the black flowers.

Sea-green and Brown Birthday Cards

Here’s two gender neutral birthday cards.  They’re both 3×3 and they don’t open like a normal card does.  I mostly made them to for when I make my friends cookies on their birthday I can just tape this on the plate or throw it in the box of cookies.  I tend to make a lot of these small square cards cause they’re quick and fun and great to give to my friends.

Congrats Graduation Card


This is a graduation card I made for my brother.  His school colors were red and yellow. Then I cut out a graduation cap by hand.  No Cricut or other diecutting machine were used.  Then I just strung some red sting through the cap and put everything on the card and stamped my sentiment.  It was a pretty simple card but that’s usually how my cards are.