Wedding/Anniversary Card

This is a little wedding/anniversary card.  I have no idea who I’m going to give it to considering no one’s getting married anytime soon.  I was inspired by my bedspread, actually, so I hand cut each of the black flowers.


Just a Note Card


This is just a random card for anything.  I found that big pink flower sticker in my stash and just needed to use it.

Sea-green and Brown Birthday Cards

Here’s two gender neutral birthday cards.  They’re both 3×3 and they don’t open like a normal card does.  I mostly made them to for when I make my friends cookies on their birthday I can just tape this on the plate or throw it in the box of cookies.  I tend to make a lot of these small square cards cause they’re quick and fun and great to give to my friends.

4th of July Cupcakes

My mom and I had a 4th of July cupcake contest last month for Independence Day.  These were my cupcakes.  I layered red, white, and blue cake batter so when you bit into it you could see the three layered colors.  Then I put white frosting and a little star sugar cookie on top.  My dad, brother, and various friends of the family judged.  Of course they couldn’t judge honestly so we ended up tying. I think this is going to become a tradition.

Take Note Magnetic Bookmark


This is a magnetic bookmark I made.  I started folding the edge of my page to remember my place in the book.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when people do that so it was pretty hypocritical of me.  I decided to make a bookmark! I put two flat magnets on the inside of a flap of cardstock so when I close the bookmark on a page the magnets stick and the bookmark doesn’t fall out.  Then I decorated it with some scraps of paper.  I purposely don’t have anything sticking up from the top because I plan to use this at school and I through my books in my locker and backpack so it would’ve been ruined after a day.


Flowers aren’t usually my first choice for what to draw or paint, but my teacher last year pretty much gave you an A if you drew flowers or butterflies.  You gotta do what you gotta do right? So almost all of my pieces of art that I turned in were flowers. Guess what? I got an A+ in the class. This is a bouquet or flowers in pastels.  It was the first time I had actually used that expensive pastel paper so it was definitely a learning experience.


This project doesn’t bring back fond memorizes for me.  I remember long hours of carving into my linoleum block with little dull carving tools then many days of trail-and-error stamping of my linoleum block.  One day a big group of us even got a detention because our table wasn’t completely clean when we left at the end of class.  Yes, I still hold a grudge over that teacher because of that.  So I don’t think all of that hard work and pain and effort was worth this stamped image, but it is pretty cool… just not my choice of art.  I’ll stick with the pencils and paint brushes, please.