Flowers aren’t usually my first choice for what to draw or paint, but my teacher last year pretty much gave you an A if you drew flowers or butterflies.  You gotta do what you gotta do right? So almost all of my pieces of art that I turned in were flowers. Guess what? I got an A+ in the class. This is a bouquet or flowers in pastels.  It was the first time I had actually used that expensive pastel paper so it was definitely a learning experience.


Black and White on Purple

This is another charcoal drawing of some pretty flowers.  But this isn’t just some flowers.  I only used black and white charcoal on this piece.  The paper was a light purple shade and I colored the background to work with the negative space.  I really like how it turned out.  A lot of people don’t realize the paper wasn’t black.


Books and a Flower


This is a charcoal drawing of a stack of books and some flowers.  I love the way charcoal drawings come out but I hate that when I work on them the rest of the day I walk around school with black all over my clothes, hands, and some even ends up on my face… embarrassing.

Mix-a Mix-a

This is a sketch of my mixer because out of all the kitchen appliances at my house, I think I love this the most.  Along with drawing, painting, card making, and scrapbooking, I love to bake.  Recently my mom and I have been making tiered cakes and that’s been a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.  Don’t forget expensive considering it just gets eaten after we finish.


VW Bug

This is a sketch of a VW Bug.  My dad’s a bug fan of old VWs, even going to great lengths to drag to a Bugorama.  Yeah, that won’t happen again.  If you aren’t aware, no, a Bugorama is not something to do with insects.  It’s a car show for old VWs that includes drag racing and food and you’re able to buy new car parts and all that.  Anyways, I drew this for my dad cause he’s always wanted a VW Bug but we finally convinced him that it’s a girl car and it doesn’t matter what color you get it in, it will look girly.



This is a sketch of my piano as a tribute to my late piano teacher.  I took piano lessons for about 7 years until my teacher expectantly passed away a little more than a year ago.  I haven’t touched a piano since I got the call about her passing.  She was like my aunt and after seeing her once a week for about an hour we became pretty close.  After various recitals, piano is the reason I can actually talk in front of the class now without peeing my pants. Okay I never peed my pants, but I’m more comfortable in front of crowds and I owe that to piano.  Also, after many years of struggling with rhythm,  I think I finally got it. Having all those years of music is helping in various ways of my life and probably has helped me with my art in some way.

Garden Tools

This is a sketch of some garden tools.  This is also an example of the type of stuff I had to draw in my painting 1 class at school.  The teacher said something about identifying yourself with the garden tools.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t identify myself with garden tools.  I don’t even garden for that matter, but I still drew the stupid tools.  Apparently my teacher liked it cause she took it out of my sketchbook before I even turned it in saying she needed to put it in the art show.


Heels With Bows

These are some cute heels I decided to sketch when I got an assignment we had to draw a shoe or shoes for homework.  I found a drawing that looked like this and I thought it was perfect so I had to try and draw it too.  I unfortunately don’t know who drew the original, but it was much better than mine.