Watercolor Heels


This is a watercolor of some pretty silver high heels.  If you haven’t noticed, being that this is the second piece of art that depict heels, I love to draw/paint them.  Not wear them.  I can’t last more than a few hours in them and I certainly don’t have these heels or any other Christian Louboutin heels.  Louboutin heels are the ones with the red soles like I painted right here if you’re not up with the whole fashion industry.  They’re beautiful if you can afford them.  So pretty much we’ll leave these heels to the celebrities.


Heels With Bows

These are some cute heels I decided to sketch when I got an assignment we had to draw a shoe or shoes for homework.  I found a drawing that looked like this and I thought it was perfect so I had to try and draw it too.  I unfortunately don’t know who drew the original, but it was much better than mine.