Oil Painting of a VW Bus


This is a quick and small, oil painting of a VW Bus.


Dessert Diner

This is a acrylic painting of an old dessert diner by my school.  My mom picked me up a piece of the chocolate and mocha flavored cake as “research” for my painting.  It was absolutely mouth watering. Unfortunately, I never got my painting back after I turned it in for grading.


The Parting of the Red Sea


This is a little painting of Moses parting the Red Sea.  In theology class we were assigned to do any type of project to depict Exodus.  I of course have a field day when a teacher assigns something arts and crafts related and then tells you you can do whatever you want.  So many possibilities… I ended up getting an A on it and it is no currently handing on the wall of the classroom with maybe 80 other pieces of art the teacher has collected over the years.  Let’s just say its a pretty big achievement for your project to make “The Wall.”

Magenta Sea

This acrylic painting was done only with black, white, and a magenta colored paint.  The hardest part for me was getting the water too look as a layer of fog was on it.